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Noosa Tigers History

Early History - Year By Year

A year by year account of the early history of the Noosa Tigers.  This is a work in progress and if you have any comments, information, corrections, photos etc please contact the club.

The club would like to thank the following people for their contributions and comments:

Len Daddow, Ian Buchanan, Kevin Philips, The Jaques (Bart, Thel and Aaron), Frank Bates, Judy Meager, Alby Hancock

Pre 1970

Australian football was first played on the Sunshine Coast when Dr Howard Toyne formed the Cooroy Football Association.

On June 1st 1952 a Brisbane fixture game was played between Kedron and Yeronga at the Cooroy Showgrounds.

Ron Vernon and Carl Radke placed an advertisement in the local paper advising of a public meeting at the Maroochydore RSL on September 29, 1969 to discuss the formation of a Sunshine Coast Australian Football League.  Thirty four people, including Nosa’s Len Daddow.  As a result of follow up meetings, provisional office bearers were elected at public meetings held at Caloundra, Maroochydore, Nambour and Tewantin.  Due to lack of support Caloundra became inactive.


1970 saw the formation of the Noosa District Australian Football Club.

A public meeting was held, on January 26th 1970, in the Lounge Bar at the Royal Mail Hotel Tewantin to discuss forming an Australian Football club.

The football year started with a match between Morningside and Mayne at the Cooroy Showgrounds.  The first Sunshine Coast Australian Football League match was played at Cooroy, under lights, on Anzac Day where Noosa defeated Nambour.

Ladder at the end of the home and away season was Nambour, Noosa, Maroochydore.  In the  Grand Final – Maroochydore 12.13.85 def Noosa 10.7.76


Discussions were held with Noosa Shire Council in an effort to secure Reserve 343 at Weyba Creek.

Teams in competition – Gympie, Maroochydore, Nambour, Noosa

According to the Presidents Report 1971 in the Grand Final v Maroochydore held at the Cooroy Showgrounds where Maroochydore beat Noosa by 3 goals.  The Sunshine Coast Hall of Fame Programme shows that in the Grand Final Maroochydore def Nambour.

Ladder at the end of the home and away season was Nambour, Noosa, Maroochydore.  In the  Grand Final – Maroochydore 12.13.85 def Noosa 10.7.76


The club obtained, from the Lands department, a lease of 9½ acres (3.85ha) at Weyba Creek for the purpose of developing a playing field. This represents about 65% of the current area at Weyba Road.

The Grand Final was played at Gympie where Maroochydore 15.11.101 def Noosa 12.7.79.


Premiership Year

The relationship with the Sunshine Coast League took a turn for the worse and prompted the following in the Presidents report for the year: “Throughout the season the club-league relationship left much to be desired. Without consulting the Noosa Club, the League gave directions for the breakaway of Cooroy and attempted to do the same with Eumundi. In our opinion, many unconstitutional moves were made by League management and much ill feeling was generated against the Noosa senior team and club. This eventually gave way to a notice of motion to expel the Noosa District Australian Football Club. This motion was not put but an amendment to the effect that we re-elect our office bearers to the satisfaction of the League and that the club be suspended after the final series was over and then apply for membership at the League annual general meeting, was put and passed.”

A Cooroy Australian Footbal Club was formed and, as a result, the Noosa District Football Club no longer had a home ground. “Home” games were played at Peregian Beach.

As a result, the President identified the big off season job as the development of the “Lake Weyba Ground” (sic). More than $6,000.00 was spent on ground development. (As a comparison average yearly earnings in 1973 were around $5,600.00).  The State Government made available financial assistance to the extent of $1,660.00 for the construction of showers, dressing rooms and toilets.

AFL great Alan Killigrew coached Noosa up until the finals when Ron Fox took over.

The Grand Final was played at Maroochydore High School where Noosa 14.6.90 def Maroochydore 12.16.88

Teams in competition included – Caboolture, Caloundra, Gympie, Maroochydore, Nambour, Noosa.


It was reported  in the Noosa News in May 1974 that some fencing, a shed and temporary toilet facilities were erected at Weyba Road.

In 1974 a house was purchased and moved from 12 Hastings Street. This was raised and change rooms and a canteen provided below. The cost of this exercise was assisted by a subsidy from SCAFL.


Premiership Year

On the 30th of March 1975 the Noosa Australian football ground was officially opened by the Hon. John Herbert MLA, the Queensland Minister for Sport.

In 1975, logs were placed around the perimeter of the field, on which trees had been maintained, providing a pleasant picnic aspect. The clubhouse had been updated and negotiations were underway for floodlighting of the field.  (Noosa News 30.04.1975)

In April a subsidy, in the amount of $3,285, for works associated with the new playing field was received from the Queensland Government . (1975.05.08_QLD GOVT SUBSIDY)

The club received a further subsidy in October of $3,684 on the estimated cost of the lighting of playing fields, construction of two netball courts, and lighting of one, and construction of a flood lit basketball court.

In the 1975 Grand Final Noosa 15.18.108 defeated Maroochydore 11.4.70.

Noosa Tigers 1975 Premiers photo



B. Bartling / R. O’Rourke (Coach)

1976 - 2 in a row

Premiership Year

A new constitution was adopted on 17 July 1976

In the Grand Final  Noosa 10.23.83 def Maroochydore 10.9.69.

Nambour didn’t field a team in 1976

1977 - Threepeat

Premiership Year

PATRON: Sir Thomas Hiley


SECRETARY: Geoff Bothwell

TREASURER: Judy Meager

SENIOR CAPTAIN: Richard Forsyth

SENIOR COACH: Richard Forsyth

SENIOR B + F: Bones Murray



LIFE MEMBER: Len Daddow (For details of Len CLICK HERE)

Member of the Sunshine Coast + Gympie Australian Football League

The 1977 Grand Final saw Noosa 14.19.103 defeat Maroochydore 10.7.76. Noosa won the premiership after winning all the home and away games. Noosa was beaten by 50 points in the 2nd semi final.

A newspaper report from 1979 states that “one of the criticisms Noosa has had to suffer was that the side lacked heart”……”Richard Forsyth, who has had many critics for the coach of a side which lost only one game throughout the season, has had the last laugh….”

In September a Government subsidy, in the amount of, $2,440.00, was granted for the erection of a machinery and implement shed and connection of the clubhouse to the Council sewerage main.

Noosa Tigers 1977 Premiers photo


NOOSA 14.19.103 def MAROOCHYDORE 8.12.60 


R. Forsyth (Coach)


In June 1978 a Quensland Government subsidy, in the amount of $1,356.66, was granted for the connection of the sewerage main to the clubhouse


The club changes its name to “Noosa Australian Football Club” on 23 July 1979

Tiger Talk, the club’s weekly newsletter reported on June 24, 1979 that … “It is proposed that in the near future new club rooms will be built to give the Club members, players and supporters better facilities at our ground.”

The ladder at the end of the home and away season saw Maroochydore on 84 points, Noosa 72, Caloundra 44, Hervey Bay 44, Pomona 44, Nambour 36, Gympie 12

In the Grand Final Maroochydore 18.15.123 defeated Noosa 13.17.95


Premiership Year.

A Queensland Government subsidy, in the amount of $7,000, was given in November for additional playing fields, being the clearing of land and construction of a junior playing field, internal fencing of the oval and goal posts etc.  A further Government subsidy, in the amount of $3,500, was also given in November for the coaching of juniors.

The Grand Final, played at Noosa, saw Noosa 20.16.136 defeat Maroochydore 16.9.105


Premiership Year.

The Grand Final, played at Maroochydore, saw Noosa 21.25.151 defeat Maroochydore 17.9.111

Teams in competition included Caloundra, Gympie, Hervey Bay, Maroochydore, Nambour, Noosa, Pomona/Cooroy.

In October Government subsidies, in the amounts of $3,500 and $2,466.66, were given to Noosa for coaching of juniors and towards the cost of clearing land in preparation for establishment of a junior playing field.

Further Government subsidies, in the amounts of $2,000 and $2,840, were given in November for coaching of juniors and the construction of a toilet amenities block.


Players from the Noosa Tigers Seniors, Reserves and U17s won the SCAFL Best and Fairest awards:

    • Seniors         Bill Magin (who was Noosa B + F runner up)
    • Reserves       D. Esposito
    • U17s             Jason Sgro

The Grand Final saw Maroochydore 24.9.153 def Noosa 8.14.62

In the 1982 Grand Final Record input from Noosa put a positive spin on the history of games against Maroochydore – “Although Maroochydore has played in all 12 Grand Finals decided to date, they have only beaten Noosa 3 times. Noosa, on the other hand, has played in 9 Grand Finals, but has beaten Maroochydore 6 times.” For photos of Noosa running through the banner CLICK HERE

A Special Meeting of the SCAFL was  held on October 20, 1982.  Among the items was discussed was the 1982 Garnd Final.  W. Parry, President of SCAFL,  reported on the 1982 S.C.A.F.L. Grand Final and stated what a “disgraceful display it was by the two Senior sides playing on that day.”  Lengthy discussion took place regarding this matter with al Directors and Executive Members voicing their opinions.  After much discussion by all present it was Moved “that both the Noosa and Maroochydore Clubs be fined the sum of $500 for their Senior Sides behaviour on Grand Final Day. All other clubs to be notified of this decision and that this sort of behaviour by servants of any club will not be tolerated in the future.”       The above Motion was put and the votes talled at FOR – 4, AGAINST -4. The President Mr Parry then exercised his power to vote under the S.C.A.F.L. Constitution, and then voted in the Affirmative and the motion as put was carried.

The Presidents Report in the 1982 SCAFL Annual Report states that…”The incidents that happened in the Senior Grand Final has done this League considerable damage, and now it is up to all of us to work together to ensure that there is not a repeat again. Maybe Clubs should consider imposing better discipline before incidents instead of after it has happened. The decision made by the Board after the Grand Final may have set a precedent but I feel sure that all Clubs will now realise “THE OBJECTS” of their Clubs and this League.”


The aftermath of the 1991 Maroochydore versus Caloundra Grand Final, which was played at Noosa, carried on over into Season 1992. With newspaper headlines like “Footy Brawl Stuns Police”, “Rules Brawl Shame”, “Code To Act On Thugs”, “Black Day For Aussie Footy”, the Sunshine Coast AFL administrators had to weather the storm and a barrage of press questions about the future of our national game on the Sunshine Coast. Positive action saw the “Send Off Rule” introduced and it was hoped that this would make the penalty felt immediately during the game where the offence occurred.

The first fixture commenced during the last weekend in March and a very zealous umpire at the Gympie versus Nambour game secured a front page headline “Chaos Rules As Seven Players Sent Off”. In the opinion of the SCAFL President, “we needed that like a hole in the head. Suddenly we were without friends”. The QAFL became involved and secured a back page headline “Send Off Rule Could Spell Death To Footy”. Even though the press, the clubs and the QAFL wanted action to curb unacceptable on-field behaviour when action was applied by the SCAFL administrators it was deemed to be too severe and a watered down “Send Off Rule” made the League into paper tigers according to the President.

Within 2 rounds it was obvious that Pomona could not field Seniors and Reserves and so they moved back to a Reserves side only.

Kawana went ahead with an AFL practice game between the Brisbane Bears and Essendon. This game not only lost them thousands of dollars but also put them in a financial position from which they were never to recover. The club found itself in the hands of the receivers to the tune of some $32,000 in the red.

Midway through the season Gympie encountered a player revolt which saw their numbers decrease to the point where they played out the remainder of the season with only sufficient numbers for one team, whereby they took to the field and played the Reserve game, then, with the same team, returned to the field for the Senior game.

In the Coast competitions greatest shake up the four Coast senior clubs, (Noosa, Maroochydore, Caloundra and Nambour) voted unanimously to play a trial season in the 1993 Brisbane Australian Football League – a separate competition to the higher grade Queensland Australian Football League. A key component in the move to BAFL was Tony Norman, a former player/coach of Nambour, whowas the instigator of the move to the BAFL. He had the vision and foresight to liaise with the four Clubs and present a collective submission to the BAFL Administration.

Each club was expected to play 14 of the 22 BAFL rounds on the Sunshine Coast. It is the alternative to staying a four club senior competition on the Coast in 1993, when clubs would play each other up to seven times.

The move was prompted by the debt problems of Kawana, Gympie and Pomona, who faced expulsion from the SCAFL for non payment of outstanding debts to the League by December 31, 1992. The Sunshine Coast Junior competition will continue to operate in the region.

The Noosa Tigers were the only club that would have a color clash with BAFL club Aspley. Kingsley St. Clair, president of SCAFL, said that Noosa would retain its traditional brown and gold jersey, apart from when playing Aspley. It would probably use the Sunshine Coast jersey on that occasion he said.

The Noosa Citizen reported on November 25, 1992 that Noosa Tigers members voted unanimously to join the BAFL. The decision was made at a special meeting after the collapse of three of last season’s club sides on the Sunshine Coast.  To see more of what the papers were saying CLICK HERE

The Ladder at the end of the home and away season was headed by Caloundra with 21 wins from 21 games followed by Maroochydore 16, Nambour 15, Noosa 12, Kawana 11, Gympie 6.