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Tiger Talk May 16, 2022

By May 16, 2022No Comments2 min read

Amazingly some games went on last weekend and seriously I cannot recall seeing more atrocious conditions that faced the Rococo Noosa Tigers at Surfers for well over ten years.

The Noosa locals have copped a barrage of rain already in 2022 and the sideways constant downpour on the Gold Coast made the entire day just insane. A turf cricket pitch in the middle of the ground resembling something like the old Moorabbin days back in the 80s where I’m pretty sure the Saints may have helped with the water problem. Sheets of water across the entire ground which made for just a good old fashioned slog. Get in, put your head over the footy and get it forward kind of stuff. And boys from Noosa did not disappoint. Infact both teams deserve credit – it was what a seesawing affair from start to finish. The Tigers in front by 3 points when the final siren sounded.

There is a different kind of steely will about the boys representing our beautiful resort town this year. It’s a winning mindset! When it would have been easier to take the two points or postpone the game due to horrendous conditions, no, not the Noosa Tigers whose sole purpose was to brave the circumstance and grab the four points that was on offer. It’s a massive win and one that all should be proud of.

The Chris Rourke message of ‘hard at the ball’ – ‘hard at the man’ – ‘make sure you always contest’ was on show for all lead beautifully by skipper Aaron Laskey who fitted the conditions perfectly and tired his way to plenty of possessions and timely physical hits. His offsides in the centre in Templeton, Wallis and the irrepressible Seb Rogers were more than manful in their total output to the win.

Harry Maher across the wing and in particular in the defensive side was just superb with his reading of the play and crucial marking. Flagg also a ripping contributor in the back half as was McCrimmon and Opie. Old timer Aaza Richardson loved the conditions and looked at home in his first Senior game for the Tigers in well over a decade. Connor McDonald battled manfully as he always goes on a day not for big fellas whilst Jai Fitzpatrick and Tommy ’Prime Train’ Baulch added the class and skill to eventually finish the Surfers charge. Just a wonderful win that I’m sure will come in handy as the season wears on.

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5. H. Maher
4. A. Laskey
3. T. Templeton
2. T. Baulch
1. L. Flagg

Well done Tiges! Cheers – Pittsy