1998 Reserves Premiership Reunion – 16.06.18

Twenty years is a long time in football and Premierships  are something that no one can take away from you. 2018 brings around a contender for one of the best reserve grand final wins in Noosa’s History.

‘You’re a long time retired’ was something that rang true in the pre-season of 1998 for the Noosa Tigers. The thing is football clubs are not just built upon the twenty-two blokes that run out at two o’clock on Saturday. The real back bone of our club away from our volunteers and junior’s has always been the ‘Mighty Magoo’s.

Known as ‘Dad’s Army’ in 1998; an array of Tiger greats came out of retirement to lace them up one last time. Well out of their prime and battling debilitating injuries they forged ahead to finish on top.

They met Redland Bay in the Semi-final where they were pumped by 14 goals. They went on to beat Aspley in the prelim and ‘Dads Army’ marched on to the GF.

I will leave the rest of the story up to those tiger greats tomorrow as I know they tell it well.

Just remember to seek them out and shake their hands as their legacy lives on.

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The Water Boy – 1998

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